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ALAN HOUGHTON'S FAN'S VIEW: Happy end to a trying week at Wanderers

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
The shadows of doom over the Unibol Stadium seemed to be growing as we made our way to a sparsely-populated Harvester.

I was half expecting a call from the club asking us what time we would like them to kick off.

After the mauling at Hull, the off-field news this week has been distinctly worrying to say the least, made worse by the deafening silence from the top.

A secret transfer embargo means we cannot sign players that we already have. Unconfirmed rumours, that stock is being repossessed from the club shop and the Whites Hotel is facing a winding-up petition, were being broadcast on social media. Keyboard warriors were having a field day calling for match-day boycotts and protest marches.

Phil Parkinson was forced into making five changes for various reasons which gave some of the squad players a chance to stake a claim, with youngsters Connor Hall and Luca Connell on the bench.

There was nothing in the first half to lift our spirits as Walsall deservedly went one up. But a couple of changes at half time with Clayton Donaldson and Will Buckley replacing Yanic Wildschut and Josh Vela worked wonders.

We went two up front and gave them support with Craig Noone outstanding with four assists. The smiles are back on our faces and we’re in the hat for today’s fourth-round draw.

I’m not sure what you can take from beating a lower-league club, other than it augurs well for next season in the event of BWexit.

But getting back to winning ways has got to be a plus. Our strikers showed us they know where the net is, given the right service.

Let’s hope we get a lucrative televised tie in the next round to help our finances.

It’s not easy being a Bolton fan and this week has been a real test of faith. We all want our club to end the financial nightmare that is hanging over the club like an executioner’s axe waiting to fall. It is so frustrating that every time we seem to be making some progress, more bad news sets us back.

Genuine investors are not easy to come by and now is not the time for fallouts but it is the time for togetherness and strong leadership.


Natasha Whittam

Natasha Whittam
Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Alan Houghton wrote:it is the time for togetherness and strong leadership.

We will never be together Alan.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
I'd like a happy ending too but it's late and the missus is asleep.

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