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Vince Watch

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1Vince Watch Empty Vince Watch on Thu Apr 16 2020, 22:35

Ten Bobsworth

Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly
Like to keep you folk up to date with the latest from our tax-dodging hero.

Apparently Burger King brought out this new 100% beef-free burger two or three months ago which was referred to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) because some people might have assumed it to be vegan. 

However Burger King failed to make it clear that it was dressed with an egg-based mayonnaise and vegans could have been struck down with some life-threatening illness if they had made the fatal mistake of buying one from the well-known burger eatery.

Our hero was on to it in a flash denouncing those evil Burger King charlatans of dealing in 'whopping whoppers'.

All hail, Prince Dale, all round good egg and defender of the faith!

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