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Time to go for Evatt?

Natasha Whittam
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81Time to go for Evatt? - Page 5 Empty Re: Time to go for Evatt? Sun May 09 2021, 14:01


Guðni Bergsson
Guðni Bergsson

I was always wary of whether he would get us far, but as long as he kept us in the league, I was happy. I'm ecstatic that he's settled down, got it all together, and taken the team to promotion, and with an obviously happy bunch of players. Well done IE.

82Time to go for Evatt? - Page 5 Empty Re: Time to go for Evatt? Sun May 09 2021, 14:59


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

TBH despite my positive comments, I also had doubts but felt it was way too early to judge when this topic came up. That's partially due to believing that chopping and changing managers is both expensive and counterproductive, but also because Evatt had a plan that couldn't be executed overnight so needed time before I could form an opinion.
I still think the potential flaw is trying to play in a way that requires high levels of individual technical skill which is difficult to get hold of in the lower leagues and if I think we made it hard for ourselves through sloppy passing and control at times - which better players would do far less frequently.
Things definitely improved when he got control of signings so that bodes well for strengthening for the next campaign at a higher level. And we'll need to further improve the squad - the teams coming down from the Championship look a real handful compared to what we've been up against this year.

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