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Hip Priest
Natasha Whittam
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Natasha Whittam

Natasha Whittam
Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Being one of our closest neighbours in League 2 I guess it's only fair the Oldham fans get their moment in the Nuts spotlight.

Off we go.....

To be fair, we usually pass to the opposition:

kowenicki wrote:Bolton think they are City. Always playing out from the back... pass pass pass. Press them and they will make mistakes.


Flemboy wrote:Full steam ahead and beat these hateful bar stewards

UpTheLatics needs to find £196.43 pretty sharpish:

UpTheLatics wrote:I may regret this. I've bet my fat bastard of a boss that we'll beat Bolton tonight. £200 is the wager. I currently have about £3.57 in my account. What was I thinking?

We've been found out:

Littlemoor Lad wrote:They've been poor for most of the season, until this mini revival

All good runs have to come to an end, it might aswell be us that makes it happen.

Get the first goal and they'll be all over the place.

I think Brankie works with Norpig:

Brankie Funn wrote:I work with a Notlob wanker. He's a right wanker. Always wittering on about how great Notlob are as though they're Man City. Did I mention he's a wanker?

Owen must have a massive knob:

Oldham_Owen wrote:I predict a 3-0 home win. I also predict Evatt will have a list of excuses as long as my willy.

SK shows no fear:

SweeperKeeper wrote:For me, they were one of the weakest teams we've played this season, although they've strengthened since then.  Kioso was by far their best player and he's gone now.

Their recent good run has been almost entirely against the basement sides - Stevenage, Southend, Barrow.  

I don't think we should fear them.

Who knew Evatt posted on Oldham forums?

TheBigDog wrote:The ‘mini revival’ has coincided with three key additions to the team.

Kieran Lee, Marcus Maddison and Declan John have joined in the past few weeks.

They also have two solid centre backs in Santos and Baptiste plus three very good forwards in Doyle, Isgrove and Sarcevic.

Bolton have some very good footballers and if we are not absolutely on our game they will turn us over. This is going to be a tough game.

I doubt Evatt posted this one:

Roger Embalmer wrote:I hate Ian Evatt.

Sam still has flashbacks:

sammcdonald wrote:Beating Bolton will surpass the euphoric feeling when we beat them in the FA cup in 94 when we fed the beast. Bolton have always looked down on us like a piece of dirt under the shoe,They tried venturing in the Chaddy a few times back in the seventies yes some got in but they never took us,only Sheffield United did that when they ran across the pitch. Bolton was favourites to walk this league at the beginning of the season,this would be wonderful to rub the trotter noses in the dirt.

Not sure 2-1 is exactly a crushing, but I get Dave's point:

Dave The Parrot wrote:fuckin bolton cunts think they is barca we will crush em 2-1

I don't get Rob's point though, as he has an Eric Cantona moment:

BoundaryRob69 wrote:When Bolton fans follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea

Harry has a major decision to make:

Harry's Hot Pot wrote:It's my birthday today and I get my yearly blow job from the wife. Only problem is she is insisting it happens at 8pm so she doesn't miss some shitty programme on TV. What a dilemma. Match or blow job?

Bolton fans are starting to agree:

Bobledgersheart wrote:Maddison needs putting in the stands if anybody gets the chance... he's a first class prat.

Apparently Evatt wears great pants:

kowenicki wrote:Ian Evatt is a bit of a nobber isn't he (Brand Evatt "doesn't do losing")... but he confirms everything we have all said in this thread.  He is also not happy with the clubs ifollow pundit. He is a bit of pillock, speaks in the 3rd person about how wonderful he is on a regular basis. Humility isn't a strong point.  Keith Hill without the track record but with better trousers.

It's poor that Oldham Athletic didn't factor in Jonny's bath-time:

JonnyParks34 wrote:FFS, I thought this was a 7.45pm kick off. I have my bath at 7pm, don't the club understand this?

This guy needs a new nail gun:

League one forever wrote:We’ll beat these tonight and lose to Southend on Saturday. Nailed on.

Hickory makes a massive about turn:

HickoryDickory wrote:I'm not one for changing my prediction but, having seen the teamsheet, instead of 3-0 Oldham I'm going 3-0 Bolton.

The game kicks off and Oldham make a bright start:

We're all over em
shit on the bolton
we look up for this big time
Only a matter of time before we score
Michael Gilkes is in net for Bolton
notlob look worried
fuck bolton

But after 19 minutes Oldham's Harry Clarke puts through his own goal to put Bolton ahead. Oldham confidence drops....

Here we go chasing the game again
0-1 OG from Clarke, poor from him there
FFS. Clarke OG on his Birthday. Very poor.
Doesn't HK teach them to stop crosses coming in?
Oh fuckin ell
ref's a notlobber
we'll win this

Jamie needs VAR:

JamieCrossfoot wrote:Offside you cunt

Kat seems like a glass half-empty type of girl:

BPKat wrote:Kewell out, we are going down, I hate my life

But just as SweeperKeeper posts......

SweeperKeeper wrote:Nice to see us closing down fast and snapping into the tackles

.......things quickly get worse for Oldham as Kyle Jameson is sent off for a two-footed challenge. SweeperKeeper regrets his comment:

SweeperKeeper wrote:I didn't mean snap that hard!

Jameson straight red, late tackle
Great, game over
why do they do this to me?
it's always the hope that kills you at Oldham
FFS!!!! That is a dreadful tackle. Mindless!
What a fucking dive
my granny tackles harder
went down like a bolton fanny
northern softie
Tbh, I don't think that's a red. He's late but it's not at force and he's not that high....
red card all day long
spiffing tackle

Kev looks to blame Evatt for the tackle:

Kev1969 wrote:Did their coach say something to him before he took the throw in

Digby blames Jameson but still expects a blow job:

Digby wrote:you fucking stupid wanker jamieson suck my dick

And before Digby can unzip himself, Doyle makes it 2-0 to Bolton:

That's been coming
Could get a wholloping here to be fair.
come in harry kewell your time is up
Gonna end up embarrassing this unfortunately
tickle my ringpiece
ive stopped watching so second goal dont count
There's a Chinese in Amsterdam called the Fook Hing

Phil wants an official investigation:

PhilLander76 wrote:Anyone know anything about The Fraud Act 2006? We are being cheated by this utter shite

Sharp has better things to do:

SharpNo9 wrote:I've turned off, I have porn to watch.

Halle has a secret weapon:

Halle's Hall Of Mirrors wrote:I'd rather put a wheelie bin on than any of these subs

Chaddy looks on the bright side:

Chaddyexile84 wrote:This is proper dog shit now

Not really sure which team this bloke is on about:

oafc21 wrote:Who will be leaving  in the summer, but how many years can this go on for, a so-called chairman can keep bringing in such shite, year after year it’s mind numbing!!!

GKing has had enough:

GKing521 wrote:The way we have set up this second half, for me, is sackable. We’re not 5 down, it’s 2. We don’t have 8 men, we have 10. This years cohort is weak and severely lacking in any intelligence. I cant wait for this season to be over.

Sounds like the sort of thing Bonce would do:

Barry Bosnian wrote:Last time we played Bolton the commentators gave a shout out to Hugh Janus. Obviously a Bolton fan taking the piss.

Dot isn't a fan of dancing:

ddot_m wrote:I’d rather we went for bang average massive beast players and scrapped our way out of the league than this bang average contemporary dance nonsense.

Oldham fans are not a fan of Maddison's choice of headwear:

Chaddyexile84 wrote:That effort from Maddison was more embarrassing than his stupid head band

Graeme_The_Gorilla wrote:he looks like a fuckin testicle wearing a bandage

Oldy1967 wrote:What the fuck is that on his head?

Just Frank wrote:it's 1980 and sheena easton will be doing the halftime entertainment.

Latics Pete wrote:No. Just no.

Into the last few minutes and Oldham fans get a bit giddy:

daniel wrote:WE HAD A SHOT!

Big Dandy wrote:I just got a chubby, we had a shot on target

Kelly125 wrote:I forgot Bolton had a keeper on the pitch

But the game ultimately fizzles out and finishes 2-0 to Bolton. Oldham fans are magnanimous....

kowenicki wrote:Bolton regularly have very high possession even against 11.  It’s how they play.  Most of the possession is passing between the back 4 though.  It’s professional and effective... but it’s feckin dull to watch.

gfer wrote:How did they manage to afford these obviously better players when they're under embargo?

GKing521 wrote:Commentary acting as if we’ve survived a visit from Manchester City.

LankyLee56 wrote:Fuck off Bolton, staying down, staying down.

Keef wrote:I wasn't impressed with Bolton

Gary B wrote:Tonight’s performance confirmed a few things to me:
1) I hate Bolton
2) Bolton are shit
3) Their fans smell
4) I hate Bolton

Final word to Harry's Hot Pot, did he watch the match or get his yearly blow job?

Harry's Hot Pot wrote:I went for the blowie, all over inside 25 seconds (my wife was timing), back in front of the telly by 8.01pm. Kewell out!!


Fair play Natasha, very well done again!





Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Poor Maddison. 'Looks like a testicle wearing a bandage'.  Razz

Well done Nat. :like:


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Very Happy Very Happy :toppoints: Thanks Nat, great as always!

Hip Priest

Hip Priest
Andy Walker
Andy Walker
Another masterpiece Nat


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse


El Hadji Diouf
El Hadji Diouf
Brilliant again! Thanks for the laughs, Nat. We should invite Harry’s Hot Pot over to Nuts for a guest appearance.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Excellent - although you might have mentioned the Oldham commentators giving birthday congratulations to Justin Cider. But seriously, thanks.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Brilliant even with the dig at me included, its nice to have them back, long may it continue  Very Happy


Guðni Bergsson
Guðni Bergsson
Well done Nat. Your 'work' is still of the highest standard, and very funny.


El Hadji Diouf
El Hadji Diouf
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:Brilliant even with the dig at me included, its nice to have them back, long may it continue  Very Happy
The best bit 😀


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:
The best bit 😀
Bastard  Very Happy


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Superb, like the good old days


Ivan Campo
Ivan Campo
Brilliant as ever Nat. Thank you. Very Happy

big ben

David Ngog
David Ngog
Very Happy

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