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Sri Lanka

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1Sri Lanka Empty Sri Lanka Wed May 11 2022, 17:59



Supposed to be a wonderful place to visit but seems to be in a hell of a mess right now.

The story seems to be that the President borrowed billions from China to build a couple of vanity projects namely a vast international airport near where he lives in Sri Lanka - but not connected to the main tourist destinations it was intended to serve - and a huge new harbour which again was simply not required.  The upshot of this is that Sri Lanka can no longer service its debt repayments to China and no longer has enough foreign reserves to buy and import food for its people.

Seems the place is on the edge of an military take over.

In theory China will take ownership of the airport and harbour which gives them a ready made base for their army and navy in a key part of the world and which are next door to the major international shipping lane - exactly what China wanted in the first place!

Makes me wonder where all this is leading to?

Sri Lanka crisis: Ex-PM flees to naval base as arson attacks spread

Sri Lanka crisis: Ex-PM flees to naval base as arson attacks spread

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