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Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians?

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1Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians? Empty Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians? Sun Dec 18 2016, 16:12



I'm surprised no one seems to have mentioned this 'car crash' last few days of the Khan family!

Seems it all broke out to the public when Amir's wife Faryal, posted a picture of her passed out drunk (allegedly) and naked brother in law on the social media to hit back seemingly at the double standards of Amir's family who say she is to 'westernised' and not how they would want her to be!

Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians? MAIN-Amir-and-wife-MAIN

Seems Amir's dad and his two sisters had been having a constant pop at her about it - the sisters via social media.

Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians? Nintchdbpict000287414235

Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians? Nintchdbpict0002874262811-e1481127757274

In a series of ten shocking messages posted over three hours on Tuesday, Faryal also accused her mother-in-law, Falak Khan, of trying to break them up.

The model, who has been married to Khan for three years, claims the sporting hero’s big sister Mariyah “came to hit her” when her husband wasn’t home.

She called the family’s treatment of her husband “disgusting”, putting it down to jealousy, as well as appearing to brand them “selfish” and “lame”.

Also accusing her in-laws Falak and Shah Khan of slapping her, hurling a remote control at her and cropping her out of family photos.

Amir's dad hit back -

The boxer’s parents have slammed daughter-in-law Faryal’s abuse allegations and revealed they came to blows with her after demanding she change her “unacceptable” dress code.

The catwalk model, 25, who married Amir, 30, in 2013, claimed this week that she was subject to verbal and physical abuse by her in-laws, including being slapped and having a remote control hurled at her.

But speaking about the rift for the first time, Amir‘s dad Sajad said: “Faryal was adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable. I am a father to two daughters whom I have treated exactly the same way as I have treated Faryal.

“All this started with the issue of dressing. We kept asking Amir to tell her not to adopt such a dress code. And even if she had to wear such dresses, please don’t post it on social media.

Every family sees ups and downs. We always strived for reconciliation between Amir and Faryal.”

Insiders say Amir’s parents have been shocked by Faryal’s decision to wear tight clothing that flaunts her figure and stomach and dresses which show off her legs.
Amir’s mum Falak added: “I asked her not to wear such dresses and to take the dupatta (scarf), but she never listened.

“After that, we asked Amir but he told us to convey this to Faryal’s mother because she does not listen to him either.”

Amir waded in (glass jaw first) by telling his family to keep things away from public eyes - he did this by using social media of course!

Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians? Khan1

What could possibly go wrong by doing it that way Amir?

Well Faryal went on the TV.s This Morning programme - that's what!

Bolton's Khans - the new Kardashians? RLP_MDG_151216THISMORNING_136JPG

Explaining herself, she told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “It’s not in my nature to ever go public about personal matters, but being so young and getting married so publicly and having to deal with so much abuse…

“Over the years, his brother went on Twitter rants, called me fake, called me Michael Jackson, it’s really not very nice.

“I used to take it in and be silent and thought they’d stop, but it’s just started to build up and up.

“When I did a catwalk recently, I was really proud and Amir was really proud of me, and then I saw his sister call it a 'dog walk', and that really hurt me because when I didn’t work I was called a gold digger.”

So then the father speaks out!

Blasting the American-Pakistiani model, he said: “She is trying to come between us, she is trying to break up the very close relationship we have with Amir. She is a very evil woman.

“I have given and taken with her. We all have. All she wants is the limelight.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, he added: “He’s tried his best to calm things down but she goes against him. Sooner or later I wouldn’t be surprised if he just wants out. The writing’s on the wall.”

The 54-year-old from Bolton said that his daughter-in-law was "crazy" for speaking out on national TV rather than speaking to the family.

Whatever next you may ask - well...

The bookies are apparently already laying odds for Amir Khan or his wife Faryal Makhdoom to appear on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 at 33-1, while they are tipped to be on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here at 50-1.

A Strictly Come Dancing appearance is at 33-1 odds while featuring on Jeremy Kyle is now at 500-1 odds.

Amir Khan has also been tipped to win Sports Personality or to be crowned World Champion in 2017 at 2-1 odds.




Just for fun!


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

On the one hand I think it's admirable that she stands up for Muslim women's right not to be treated like chattel but on the other it's sad to see a family airing their problems in public.
That said, it's only in the public domain that she can get the points she makes across to her audience despite it taking it's toll on her relationship. She can either do this or suffer in silence as millions of abused women do - not a choice anyone would like to face.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

I find it quite embarrassing what is going on.

Is all this not a publicity stunt perhaps?

Not a fan of Khan, I think he's a right tosser.



The latest! -

BOLTON boxer, Amir Khan, has denied his marriage is in trouble after a private video was leaked online reportedly showing the former world champion performing a sex act.

If that wasn't bad enough his wife suggested on live TV today that she believes his family deliberately leaked the video!

The internet gossip is that he was caught pleasuring himself whilst on Skype to a model shortly after his marriage, although both he and his wife strongly deny that, saying he did it well before then.

Obviously not the wisest of things to do for someone in the public eye at anytime!

I'm guessing (and that it is just my opinion) that Khan was sent a recording of himself,  'offered' the video for a sum of money, his family got to know about the video from what was sent - and thus that is why they had a video to leak (if it was indeed them that leaked it).

Certainly not boring in the Khan household is it!

Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen
Ivan Campo
Ivan Campo

The Khan family as the new Kardashians? They haven't got the same class as the latter!! Smile

Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen
Ivan Campo
Ivan Campo

karlypants wrote:
Not a fan of Khan, I think he's a right tosser.
I cringe when he makes a big thing about coming from Bolton.

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