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VIDEO - Fatty and Who ate all the pies?

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I don't get myself involved in politics but I had to laugh at the article in the Bolton News today.

It seems there was a streamed event of a council meeting last night and people were sat at home watching it (each to their own I guess - I've certainly sat through far too many in real life - even fell nodded off at a couple and only just snapped out of them in time!).

Well it seems that quite a bit of heckling was being made from the public gallery and as one councillor sat down after making her speech, her colleague sat next to her said under his breath 'fatty' and she after a second or two later said 'who ate all the pies'.

Well it seems its blown up into quite a big issue!!!


A teacher, some middle aged woman who ought to know better, has initiated a complaint to the Council.  You would think there are more important things in this world more deserving of attention than this - but obviously not to her.

Instead of fessing up though, it seems clear that both the two councillors who made these trivial derogatory remarks have told apparent porkies to wriggle out of the storm in the tea cup - and that in all honesty is a far more serious issue than all of the trivia leading up to it.

It's obviously clear that the male councillor said something childish about someone (the heckler or maybe another councillor perhaps?) under his breath and the woman when fully seated added to it - these private remarks were caught on the mike that was still live.

Obviously unprofessional of the two but we've all human and non of us are perfect.

It's sad (or at least I find it so) when someone feels to make a big issue out of someone's off the cuff private comment but it becomes somewhat more tawdry when the councillors clearly try to hide the fact by coming up with some sort of cock and bull story as an excuse.

That is my opinion of events anyway.

Judge for yourselves here -

Reebok Trotter

Reebok Trotter
Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

Some people are too easily offended these days. I bet the remark was directed at a fatty to start with, in which case the councillor was simply expressing a quite correct opinion.

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