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Is this Bolton's second biggest bellend (After Natasha?)

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

John Barnett, of Firwood Avenue, Farnworth, puts Ikon nightclub sign on his house for Halloween

Is this Bolton's second biggest bellend (After Natasha?) 6992772

An Iconic Bolton nightclub has been raised from the dead in time for Halloween.

The famous silver sign from the front of the ikon nightclub, in Bridge Street, has been spotted in an unusual place — mounted on the front of a house and surrounded by Halloween decorations.

The sign has gone up at a house in Firwood Avenue, Farnworth, and owner John Barnett is hoping to wave one last goodbye to the iconic venue.

The demolition of ikon began earlier this year after developer Moorgarth was granted planning permission in December to demolish the building and build a hotel and car park on the site.

Mr Barnett bought the sign from a demolition crew working around a month ago but wanted to save it for the right occasion.

Last Friday he started erecting his Halloween display to celebrate ikon and word soon got out and social media posts of the pictures were shared hundreds of times.

The house is also covered in skeletons, cobwebs, rats and has a flashing skull in the middle of the sign.

The decorations are not even finished, with plans for more skeletons to go on the roof.

Their are even skeletal doormen guarding the gates.

Mr Barnett has been working tirelessly to get the sign up and decorate the house throughout this week.

He had to tie pulleys to his bed to lift the sign into place and his daughters and fiancee have also been contributing to the work.

They were initially in shock about what he had brought home but soon jumped on board with the plans.

Mr Barnett, who works as a handyman, said: “When they were demolishing it I just came up with the idea.

“It is not finished yet, the whole thing got out too early. I am putting more skeletons on the roof as if they were climbing.”

He will also be painting RIP above the word Ikon to add to the ghoulish theme.

However, fans of the decorations will need to see it while they can as it is only temporary over Halloween.

Mr Barnett, aged 48, said: “It is just for Halloween and a bit of fun. I will be taking it down. It was just the right time to get it up.”

When asked how much he had bought the sign for, Mr Barnett just said ‘enough’.

So far the decorations have proved a success and it is hoped even more people will enjoy them when trick or treating starts to get under way this weekend.

Mr Barnett said: “The neighbours around here love it. They used to go to the Palais and ikon.

“We have had a lot of people staring. One car almost crashed when they were looking.”

“It will be great for all the kids. I went to ikon for years. I used to love the place. I was sad when it went.”

The building was originally built in the 1920s as the Astoria Palais de Danse — a dance hall which existed on the site through to 1979.


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