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Should you cut a child in two?

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1Should you cut a child in two? Empty Should you cut a child in two? on Sun Dec 30 2018, 23:24


King Solomon once made a judgement when two women claimed to be the mother of the same baby that it be chopped in two so they could have half of it each - and obviously the real mum said no give the baby to the other woman rather than have it harmed.

Well something similar as just happened in real life, a rather sad and tragic story it is too.

Basically a British bloke was killed by his Chinese wife whilst in China (the wife now in prison there) and the grandparents of both families clearly wanting to take care of their two grandchildren have come to an agreement to take one each and split them up.

Was the right decision for the kids - not as though they have any say in it though?

As hard as it must be I don't think I could have split the kids up if they were my grandkids but I'm sure they must truly believe they are doing the right thing by them.

What would you do?

Story here -

2Should you cut a child in two? Empty Re: Should you cut a child in two? on Mon Dec 31 2018, 08:54


Jay Jay Okocha
Jay Jay Okocha
I think the children should not have been split up.

We don't know all the facts but I assume the children were living and being brought up in China when the murder took place. In which case it makes more sense for them to stay there. However there are aspects of this case which make me suspect the honesty and integrity of Chinese justice. Why have the British couple had to pay £10,000 to the Chinese couple? Why do the Chinese get to keep the boy rather than the girl? Is it right for the murderer's family to have access to the children?

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