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Nepotism/Cronyism Watch

Hip Priest
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621Nepotism/Cronyism Watch - Page 32 Empty Re: Nepotism/Cronyism Watch Wed Aug 23 2023, 02:15



Sorry mate, I don't talk emoticons, I'm a bit to grown up for that sort of thing.

Wanderlust used to love insulting me then putting a smiley face at the end of it - but I could always tell he really, really meant it, but with you, you've shown a real consistency of hatred, towards the government, an overwhelming and unquestioning belief in what you read on social media (reposting that video from a random mentalist from Scunthorpe was outstandingly gormless of you) and a paper thin skin, in being affronted when I call you the mildest of 'nasty' names like moron and idiot (God knows how you would react if I called you anything stronger!), that I just thought you were being childish as well.

Pardon my mistake but you can see how easily I made it.

(On second thoughts you probably can't!).

I really have no idea why you would think I get "wound up" having "explosions of invectives" and "insulting you with greater gusto each time" as I simply don't?

And even if I did, you're the one who posted a half of page of rage and hatred towards me in CAPITAL LETTERS!!!

And I'm certainly a very, very long way away from being that wound up and abusive...

Maybe you should look to your own imperfections first BEFORE trying to point mine out!

And it appears that it has never occurred to you that maybe I post as I do because you've let it be known how much it does actually winds you up...

No, I didn't think you had!

As they say he who laughs last...

And for Fin's benefit, today I am belly laughing (at you Hippy in case you haven't worked that out yet).

Have a nice night my emoticon, caps using, and completely oblivious, friend!

622Nepotism/Cronyism Watch - Page 32 Empty Re: Nepotism/Cronyism Watch Thu Aug 24 2023, 01:32

Hip Priest

Hip Priest
Andy Walker
Andy Walker

Aaahh well, I tried.

For some reason the words Banging, Head and Brick Wall keep springing to mind.

Just leave it now.

623Nepotism/Cronyism Watch - Page 32 Empty Re: Nepotism/Cronyism Watch Thu Aug 24 2023, 02:19



Funny that, it would be exactly the same thing I would feel after patiently explaining to the numpties like you after your initial outburst that everything about the awarding of the PPE contracts was either corrupt or cronyism, that, that is NOT how the system works (Civil Servants award contracts not politicians), only to explain it all over again for the second time, when you believed the bullshit that you saw on the social media video from the random nutjob from Scunthorpe, only do it it all over against for the third time, when you posted up Prof Tim's video rantings.

I'm pretty sure you still don't believe me now, despite all the links that I have posted to all the official and judicial bodies who have inquired into the system and ALL of them saying there was no illegality or cronyism found.

It is also the same feeling when after warning fruit loops like you NOT to believe anything on social media without checking it out for yourself first, you persistently DO!

I wonder what BA Baracus would feel about this habit of yours...

Nepotism/Cronyism Watch - Page 32 I-pity-the-fool-mr-t

I just laugh at them instead!

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