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A Strange day on Twitter

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1A Strange day on Twitter Empty A Strange day on Twitter Tue Jul 26 2022, 12:17



I tend to use Twitter for up to date news more than anything else and seldom if ever Tweet but a few days back I received a DM from a longstanding BWFC twitter poster kindly saying a few kind words about our threads on FV accounts and other BWFC financial matters flowing from Administration.

The poster also shared with me of his concerns over FVWL (the company that owns BWFC) and passed on a number of copies of documents that were already in the public domain.

He also confided in me with some of the gossip from inside the club by someone he tells me to be ITK and who he believed.

I thanked him for sharing his concerns but pointed out that the document he had shared with me was in fact a number of years out of date and the financial position had changed somewhat since then and gave him a link to the most recent position publicly shown.

He continued the conversation by expressing his concerns about the amounts of millions shown outstanding to creditors in the latest accounts.  Again I attempted to allay his fears by pointing out that the accounts were a record up to a certain point in time (30th June, 2021) and that since then two secured creditors loans had been settled and well over £10m amounts of loan has been converted into equity (and thus removing these loans from the books).

I also stated that personally I tend to automatically discount all rumours and claims to be ITK as most of them simply turn out to be false and even at times malicious.  One of the things he had been told I was able to prove to be false by what the Auditor had stated in his notes in the recent published accounts.

I believe I was simply being friendly and helpful to him at all times and that we left the conversation on the best of terms.

The thing is though he seemed to have deleted his long standing Twitter account  a short time afterwards!

Clearly I am wondering if that was something to do with our conversation, I sincerely hope not anyway.

If the gentleman in question happens to read this, then I hope all is good with you and if you rejoin Twitter again please get in touch to let me know that all is well.

Thank you.

If that wasn't enough I had been following a bloke on Twitter who had been translating Russian and Ukrainian reports on the war, into English.

He had quite a large following, over 60,000 followers and had Tweeted just a few hours earlier.  After the shook of the Bolton supporter deleting his account, I thought I'd visit again this other blokes account only to find that had been deleted too!

It came as a big shock to many other of his followers too.

I had notice two or three other accounts following the war suddenly closing/deleting their accounts too, so I'm wondering if they had somehow had been 'warned off' or something?

So hopefully both the people behind those two accounts have closed them because they wanted to and for the the best of reasons for themselves.

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Bolton Nuts


3A Strange day on Twitter Empty Re: A Strange day on Twitter Wed Jul 27 2022, 00:33



Yes, that is the translator one - I'm pleased he seems to be ok, he's pretty open about who he is and that he's anti-Putin and he even considers himself to be Russian as his parents (or one of them at least is Russian) and he was born in Latvia (or Lithuania - I can't remember which) and that he lives and works in London - I had wondered if he had received a message to say delete your account or else...

He posts some interesting stuff basically either about himself and how he feels Russian but that the war is madness and also stuff from the Ukrainian official sites and from Russia's version of Dominic Cummings, who goes under the name of Igor Gerkin.

I know there is probably a bit of half truths and lies from both sides but it does seem things have taken a turn for the better since the USA gave Ukraine the HIMARS (basically guided missiles fired from a mobile cannon).

Long way to go though and at the end of the day Russia does have nuclear bombs if they are stupid enough to fire them.

The BWFC fan was Nigel Cooke (NigelCooke1)  I was shocked to find he had deleted his account, I was actually expecting to find a load more questions from him to answer.

Hope it wasn't anything I said - in fact my half of the conversation still exists if anyone with authorised access to the Nuts account wants to view it - just search for NigelCooke1 in the message section.

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