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Breightmet High School 1970s. I Apologise To All My Teachers.

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David Ngog
David Ngog

I'll start with my first form teacher Miss Kilcoyne. Sorry. Even though you lived next door to me on Blackburn Rd and my dad asked you when he saw you how I was doing and you said he really could do better...

I could have done.

The Headmaster, Mr Redwood.

He pulled me into his office and said, your father is in commerce so you won't be doing Woodwork or Metalwork with all the boys. You are going with the girls and doing Typing & Shorthand. One Boy, 29 Girls! The typewriters were manual with a carriage return and the shorthand was Pitman Script. You'll have to Google what carriage return and Pitman Script is  Very Happy  

Mr Redwood... Thank you Sir. When computers came along... I could already type!

Mr Brooks, Mr Andrews, Mr and Mrs Allison, Mr Taylor, Mr Holt, Mr Wright, Mr Morris et al. Sorry.

I'm ashamed at how little notice I gave to my lessons.

They took their time so I could waste it. Unforgivable.

When I left Breightmet School with my last report, like the dickhead I was, I tore it up and through it down a grid.

Now, at 65 years old, how much would I pay to have that precious piece of my life in my hand?

I feel better now having told them I'm sorry.

I've done alright, but what could I have been if I'd have listened?

Alec Bancroft.

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