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Is Bolton News now scraping the bottom of the barrel?

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I've got to laugh again at another article in today's Bolton News!

It headlines a possible phone scam and is letting you become aware of it BUT goes on to say the phone scam has never happened!!!?

They even quote Snopes (link to them at the bottom if you have never heard of them before) -

Snopes, the American fact-checking website, says it can find no instances of people yet being defrauded, and says: "The “Can you hear me?” scam for now seems to be more a suggestion of a hypothetical crime scheme than a real one that is actually robbing victims of money."

I know the Bolton News has column inches to fill but this article isn't even about a 'real' story!

What a joke!

Article -

Snopes -



Happened to me today.  A number from milan rang and there was nothing so i hung up, then seconds later the same number with a crackly line and the first thing i hear is "can you hear me?"

I hung up straight away.

Just for anyone else it was a milan number

+39 02 9708 3015


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

Johnny where have you been? Missed you on here recently



Norpig wrote:Johnny where have you been? Missed you on here recently
Just been absolutely snowed under with various things work and otherwise.

Got a bit of time to get stuff sorted today though!!! 

ATM i have babyshambles - fuck forever, blasting out as my neighbour has decided that midnight is a good time to hoover EVERY NIGHT!  i know they will be in bed now and the missus is out Smile

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