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VIDEOS: The Killers kick up a Hot Fuss at the Macron

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The Killers brought the house down again and again tonight with one crowd-pleasing tune after another.
Not that it was perfunctory at all, most of the time it was hard to say who was having more fun, lead-singer Brandon Flowers or the crowd.  
And what a crowd had packed into the Macron. Full-voiced and high on the endless summer the crowd matched Flowers showmanship beat for beat. At his merest urging whipping into a frenzy or whipping out their phones for a light show.  

Opening with The Man Flowers wowed the 30,000 strong crowd with his live vocals before plunging headfirst into Somebody Told Me.  
The nine-strong band played their way through their hits and fan favourites as Flowers bestrode the stage in his brocade tiger jacket and cuban heels.  
Tonight’s performance was The Killers last standalone show in the UK and Flowers’ looked like he did not want to be anywhere else, certainly his “Bolton”-branded water tower would have looked out of place elsewhere.  
As For Reasons Unknown was introduced “fan” Luke was hauled on stage and gave a drum masterclass during the anthem to the crowd’s delight, who cried his name with a deep-throated chant the Macron more often sees on match days. As he was cheered off the stage Luke stopped for a cheeky selfie.  
As night descended and the alcohol took hold The Killers made the Macron the centre of the world. Launching into Runaways and Read My Mind.  
An endless synth note accompanied by lighting reminiscent of a golden dawn paved the way for All These Things I’ve Done and When You Were Young.  
But by the end it seemed like the whole gig had been building to the encore. A breathless crowd waited patiently and enjoyed the ride but 30,000 singing along to the generation-defining Mr Brightside is something to behold.

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