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Photo offers memories of Bridge Street in Bolton from 1960

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

Photo offers memories of Bridge Street in Bolton from 1960 12859193

Who remembers Bridge Street when it was like this?

This picture from our archives was taken in 1960 and shows cars parked down one side of the street. It looks as though there was a pretty impressive department store there at the time. We'd love for you to tell us more about that.




I certainly remember it like that - and it WASN'T a department store - it was the office building for the Bolton Co-operative Society (BCS).

I remember taking my parents 'dividend stamps', that were stuck on to a long thin 'gum-sheet' to the co-op bank they had just around the corner on Bow Street, opposite the Star and Garter.

Part of the building was a hall iirc, I certainly remember going there once for some party.

Fwiw my first Saturday job was in the co-op supermarket in the picture - a long time ago now though!

Was also part of my route going past the building and up bridge street, when I walked it from Halliwell to Burnden and back on match days.

Happy days!

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