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What shops do you recognise in this bustling town centre

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

What shops do you recognise in this bustling town centre 16758172

This photograph of a town centre street shows just how the area has changed.

Here we see a shot of Hotel Street looking from what was once Mothercare and remember all the other shops and stores that have since disappeared from the centre.

You may be able to spot the Bolton Evening News in the background and even Marks and Spencer too which closed recently.




Mothercare was built where the old Commercial Hotel stood and where my cousin held her wedding reception.  

On the right of the picture, if memory serves, is the corner of Boots.

Further down is one of the entrances into the Arndale and beyond that was C and A's.

Spencer's (John Spenser) Snooker Hall is out of shot but is next to the BEN offices and where I spent many hours trying to get better at snooker - and failing!

I believe Spenser's (which you had to go up stairs to) was previously a nightclub (the Empress?) but I never got around to visiting it before it closed.

I think there probably was a shop or two on the Boots/C and A side of the street that I can't recall in fact I think one was a ladies fashion shop that the gf at the time dragged me into once or twice - but I don't think there was anything on the (rear exit) of M and S/Mothercare side other than the bank which you can see in the picture.

Stolen from Ivor, where I believe Johnny once said he worked is sited on the street that heads off towards the Market Hall which is between Mothercare and the Bank.

I think it must have been pension day when the picture was taken as although we are going back 50 odd years or more, the people in it are dressed as though it was 70 or 80 years ago!

Saying that though, I always remember my dad putting his tie and jacket on when he went into town shopping with my mam.

Happy days.

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