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Michael Mosley Missing

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1Michael Mosley Missing Empty Michael Mosley Missing Thu Jun 06 2024, 22:52



Bit of a tongue twister to say but I hope he turns up ok.

Mosley is the scientist we always see on TV talking about health and nutrition.

Michael Mosley Missing Just_one_thing

Seems he went off for a walk by himself (whilst on his holiday with his wife) in Greece and simply disappeared!

Search under way after TV presenter Michael Mosley goes missing in Greece

We've had a few of these strange events recently, the woman who threw herself in the river up Blackpool way, another woman who did the same in Norwich and now Mr Mosely has seemingly simply disappeared

Hope everything turns out well but clearly something isn't how it should be otherwise he wouldn't now be missing - would he?

2Michael Mosley Missing Empty Re: Michael Mosley Missing Thu Jun 06 2024, 23:41


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

I've never heard of the guy, but I hope he turns up safe and well.

3Michael Mosley Missing Empty Re: Michael Mosley Missing Fri Jun 07 2024, 00:20




He's kind of like the Kieran Maguire of Health and nutrition science stuff, he's like the only expert in the field and he gets wheeled out on any news stories or latest science breakthroughs on health and wellbeing stuff.

(Maguire is the so called expert on football finance (the one and only - and so to is Mosley in his field - hence my sort of comparison between the two of them).

I tend to turn away from the 'what's good for you gurus' as what's bad for you seems to be ok ten years later and visa versa, so I tend to think if I'm going to die one day then I might as well live my life how I want to rather than eat lettuce leaf's for 5 days, then nothing at all for the next two, then repeat forever.

Apparently according to Mosley's research exercise extends your life - good news, but (there's always a but isn't there!) only for the same amount of time you have exercised.

Or in other words don't go to the gym and eventually you will die - but you can extend your life by just enough time to go to the gym.

So you can live longer but you have to spend all the extra time in the gym!

Luckily I enjoy the gym but I can quite understand those who can't be arsed doing exercise to extend their life's just long enough to do the exercise they don't want to do in the first place!

Anyway what's the point of spending your life being super healthy like Mosely if something bad happens to you like what is seeming likely has happened to him?

Hope I'm wrong about that though.

4Michael Mosley Missing Empty Re: Michael Mosley Missing Fri Jun 07 2024, 08:51


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

I honestly don't know him. I looked him up, and the shows he appears on aren't ones that I usually come across, but other family members are well aware of him.
No use asking me anything about telly anyway. I still think Fyffe Robertson is going strong.

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