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Have I missed anything?

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Guðni Bergsson
Guðni Bergsson

Hi Bonce,
You likkle fibber ! 
I was reading through the 'KP in Thailand' thread, and I saw the terrible two having a dig at each other, yet again. 
I should imagine its been great fun on here with all the recent goings on in Parliament. I don't think my ticker would have held out if I had joined in.
The important thing is that the lovely(ish) Nat is still on here, along with the usual crowd.  Very Happy

22Have I missed anything? - Page 2 Empty Re: Have I missed anything? Tue Oct 25 2022, 12:03

Ten Bobsworth

Frank Worthington
Frank Worthington

gloswhite wrote:Hi Chairmanda,

Good to hear that you are up, about, and, (hopefully), behaving yourself.

Unfortunately, there are no games down this neck of the woods where we can meet. Cant get a ticket for Cheltenham, and same for Forest Green. C'est la vie, but will wait for The Gas to be promoted. ( I like the chippy just around the corner from their ground).

It looks like Manda's not going to take up Bob's questions.

I'm not surprised really but I might have expected that folk in the West would have a bit of local knowledge or savvy about what the chairman of FGR was up to. Sadly they haven't and the local rags don't seem to be up to much either.

Anyroad Cousin Vinny was telling The Times last September that he had no savings and was always in overdraft.

I don't always believe what Cousin Vinny says and I don't always believe what I read in newspapers either so I thought I'd check up how much Gridserve say they paid Vince for The Electric Highway.

There had been loads of media reports but none had said how much. It was a bit like looking for a report on a football match where none of the reports mentioned any goals or the final score.

So I turned to the accounts of Gridserve Holdings and found the figure was £74million. Where did that money go, do I hear you ask?

That's another story but when Vinny's sold off Egotricity as well he wants to go into politics, or that's what he says. MP for somewhere round Gloucester maybe?

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