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Riots in Labour Controlled Wales

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

What do we make of this story. 

Wales is on fire (slight exaggeration) because 2 kids were killed after being pursued by police. 

Apparently they were lovely young chaps.



It is all very odd this.

It seems the police WAS following them...

...BUT at the time they crashed the police wasn't anywhere near them.

I can understand this bit as the road the kids used, cars could not go down it, so the police had to detour around it.

Something however happened to the kids when the police were having to go around the houses to tail them again.

What could have killed two kids on an e-bike then?

What is the top speed of an e-bike - Google says just under 30mph.

I'm guessing they've hit something - the kerb perhaps - and gone over the top of the bike.

Possibly looking back to see what happened to the police van and not looking where they were going, maybe?

If you are a good kid and you believed the police was following you, wouldn't you stop.

Apparently these lovely young chaps had no intention of doing that.

Why then is it the polices fault.

It wasn't.

Was it?

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