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Keir Starmer - new Labour leader

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121Keir Starmer - new Labour leader - Page 5 Empty Re: Keir Starmer - new Labour leader Fri Jul 02 2021, 09:41


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
I see Labour just sneaked home in Batley and Gorgeous George came in third.

122Keir Starmer - new Labour leader - Page 5 Empty Re: Keir Starmer - new Labour leader Fri Jul 02 2021, 09:46


Andy Walker
Andy Walker
Ye feels like a stay of execution for Keir, great to hold on though. And the little I saw of Kim Leadbeater I thought she came across well.

123Keir Starmer - new Labour leader - Page 5 Empty Re: Keir Starmer - new Labour leader Fri Jul 16 2021, 15:39


I Don't Know Who Kier Starmer Is.

Former Labour voters in Blackpool have quizzed the party leader Sir Keir Starmer on a wide range of issues.

Several of the voters at the event, who were selected by an independent polling company, said that they had never heard of Mr Starmer before, which he described as "utterly frustrating".

Sir Keir Starmer: Frustrating that some don't know me

Sir Keir Starmer: This was always going to be a tough gig

124Keir Starmer - new Labour leader - Page 5 Empty Re: Keir Starmer - new Labour leader Wed Jul 21 2021, 00:36


Labour facing financial ruin: Starmer wants QUARTER of all staff gone after funding plunge

The party's ruling national executive committee will consider plans to cut up to a quarter of all staff at a meeting later. Labour is in financial trouble and is desperately looking at ways to cut costs in order to have enough money to fight a future general election.

The party's coffers were hit after fighting three general elections in six years.

A series of expensive legal battles over decisions taken during Jeremy Corbyn's leadership have also hit the party finances hard.

Last year Labour paid out a six-figure sum to seven former employees and BBC journalist John Ware after a libel claim.

Mr Ware had interviewed the staff for the BBC Panorama programme "Is Labour Antisemitic?" which first aired in 2019.

At the time, Mr Corbyn's office accused the BBC of making up quotes and the former staff of "making a false and malicious statement".

Labour had been hoping it might see a boost to the membership following Sir Keir Starmer's election as leader last spring, but no such bounce has occurred.

A Labour insider said: "This is not an easy decision and we recognise it will be a very difficult time for staff and we will fully engage and consult with them and the trade unions throughout.

"We are reshaping our party’s operation with a view towards being fighting fit for upcoming campaigns and the next general election."

The next election does not have to be until May 2024, but Boris Johnson is said to be already considering holding a vote before then.

The Government is thought to be planning to hold a general election in two years, going to the polls in 2023.

Labour's most recent annual report showed the party employed 367 staff as of December 31 2019, just after the year's general election.

The party is understood to be looking to cut around 90 staff.

General secretary David Evans is hoping the majority of the cuts can be met via a voluntary severance scheme.

The plans have already angered trade unions.

Labour's biggest donor, Unite, lashed out at the proposals last night.

The union said: "While working-class communities are continuing to bear the brunt of the sickness and employment worries made much worse by Conservative mishandling of the pandemic, Labour is abandoning the field of battle against this government to turn its fire on its members instead."

Sir Keir has had a strained relationship with the unions since taking over from Mr Corbyn.

The Labour leader has been accused of not being tough enough in criticising the Government during the pandemic.

Sir Keir also left many union leaders angry when he suspended his predecessor from Labour last autumn.

While Mr Corbyn's membership to the party has been reinstated, he has still not had the whip returned that would allow him to sit with Labour MPs in Parliament.

Sir Keir has a majority of allies on the National Executive Committee and the plans for the redundancies are expected to be backed by the ruling body.

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